iNSD Sales Freebies And Fun!

Happy iNSD weekend scrappers! Are you joining in all of the fun! I have a lot to tell you about today!

First I have 2 BIG specials! One is you can Build Your Own Grab Bag! You get to choose any 4 of my kits for only $10! Then I have an even bigger deal! You can Buy My Store for only $50! There is over $1200 worth of products! AND this includes all of my releases through June 30th! How can you pass this up?

Then I have this sweet $5 Grab Bag!
What is your go to when you need to clear your head and lift your spirits? Is it something relaxing you enjoy, or do you want to be active and busy? Maybe you cook or clean or crochet or golf or hike or scrapbook?!? Whatever you do that centers you, that brings you to your happy place, that is perfect therapy! We all need to make time to do what we like to do, to take care of ourselves. What is YOUR therapy?

AND it is Buffet time at GingerScraps! I have this cute collection which is 50% off through the 5th!
Just as there will always be adversity, we always have a choice in how we deal with it. No matter the difficulty we can keep our chin up, remind ourselves that everything will be okay, and see ourselves as a survivor. The peaceful mix of colors in this kit along with the beautiful butterfly and the fun feather really pop with the positivity of the perfect flairs and fun alphas! We are strong, we will make it, and life will get back to normal -tell your story!

I need your feedback! Would you be so kind and fill out this survey for me?! It is just 9 questions about me as a designer. If you do, there might be a little present at the end! You can find this survey here!

And last but not least here is a little freebie for you! These are some clusters created from my newest collection This Is My Therapy! Download and enjoy!

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