GingerScraps Birthday and New $5 Grab Bag from SJx2!

GingerScraps is turning 11! Yay! There is a 50% off sale going on now! Grab the things off your wish list while they are on sale! Also there is other fun and goodies going on in the forum!

Also JoyLynn and I teamed up for a sweet new collection! You can grab the whole thing for $5 for a limited time!

There are times when things don’t go perfectly, and we have a decision. With any luck, our choice will be to give a second chance, to forgive, even if we can’t totally forget. There are many times that a ‘redo’ sounds like a great idea. We make different choices. We have a new beginning. If you have something like that that you want to journal or remember, then this is the kit for you!

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