New Buffet, No Joke Sale and Big Announcement!

I have a lot of things to post today so let’s get down to it! First GingerScraps is having a 65% off No Joke Sale! Most of my items are in there at a great price for ONE DAY ONLY! Go check it out!

We finally did it! You love our collabs! And now we created a whole new brand for them! Yes we still have our solo gigs, but our collabs will be under a fabulous new name! Exclusively at GingerScraps! Find us at GingerScraps, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram!

Do you have a jokester or three in your life? One of those goofs who never gives a proper smile for a photo? A silly monkey who is always up to mischief? The class clown, foolish and funny and fantastic? All you can do is laugh at their shenanigans, even if you are trying not to! The bright colors and fun sayings, as well as those big googly eyes, are awesome for all those goofy memories!
These packs are 50% off through the 5th!

Everyone needs a little sunshine in their lives. Show someone how much they mean to you. This collection is full of fun colors and positive thoughts for you to scrap about your happy times!
Each pack is 50%
off through the 5th!

Whew that was a lot! Well that is all for today! Don’t play too many jokes on anyone!

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